Finnish Happiness Values Embedded into Enfuce as it Unveils Brand Evolution


Enfuce, a Finnish fintech, wanted to moving away from the corporate and functional branding of the fintech industry, they wanted a new identity and logo that had been designed to communicate its ability to make customers feel valued and treated as partners, 'happiness first'. The single minded proposition of "to make everyday life flow".


The fintech industry is filled with corporate and functional branding, while staying true to the values and history of the company, the new brand and logo aims to set Enfuce apart from the competition. The happy feeling is at the heart of Enfuce, in every element. From a playful but never silly tone of voice to a flowing personality-infused logo, every detail is carefully articulated to be the ultimate brand-differentiating package for a fresh-thinking organisation.

Brand identity, Awareness campaign
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"What I am most proud of is the reaction we have had internally - of people seeing the work and saying - YES - this is us! This FEELS us. This is what we are all about!"

Vanessa Schotes

CMO, Enfuce

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