Limitless Donations for YMCA


For 178 years, YMCA has supported people through some of the toughest moments in history and today strives to give young people safe spaces to feel secure when they have no one else to turn to. The brief sets out to garner support from a younger audience and encourage online donations, through an omnichannel media mix that includes at least one element of letter box media.


YMCA needed to attract younger donors. The barrier? This audience thought of them as old-school, outdated, and non-inclusive. So we changed the ‘M’ for ‘Men’ of YMCA to an infinity sign ‘for all’. The ‘Limitless’ campaign was born. Then I innovated an entirely new way YMCA could drive donations – rounding up amounts from youngsters’ everyday purchases, to be deposited into an online ‘Limitless fund’.

Winner - Creative Futures: The Omnichannel Marketing Excellence Award

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