What people saying

Creative Team

"Some excellent ideation work on pitches such as Samsung, PeopleVox and ideation on Enfuce, Ideagen and Schneider. Across the board the standard of conceptual work has been consistent and really solidified yourself as an Art Director and you and Henry as a creative team."

Andrew O'Sullivan

Creative Director, Transmision
Enfuce Rebrand

"What I am most proud of is the reaction we have had internally - of people seeing the work and saying - YES - this is us! This FEELS us. This is what we are all about!"

Vanessa Schotes

CMO, Enfuce
Henry Plumridge

"You're a wizard Ollie"

Henry Plumridge

Creative Copywriter, Transmission
Limitless win

"Huge congratulations on the win. You are an inspiration for our industry!"

Cathy Bitner

Senior Strategic Manager Canon EMEA
Sales Team Branding

"Look forward to seeing more of your work across my other programmes!"

Promoted Art Director

"Who’d have thought it? We all did. Many congrats Ollz."

Pete Stephen

Associate Creative Director, Transmission
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